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I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIRCUT!!!! it looks so beautiful 😌💙

thank you sooo much xoxo❤️

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Mini dip dye for a mini client


Mini dip dye for a mini client

i just cut of 4 inches of hair

i just cut of 4 inches of hair


How the fuck does Lou Teasdale still have a job? Most of them wears headbands all the damn time now

omg shut the fuck up already this is getting old

i was tagged by teasdalerose and dearlouteasdale sooo thaaanks!!!

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1. favourite series character? Dexter Morgan

2. favorite series: Dexter and American Horror Story

3. have you ever been to another country? nooo:(

4. what are your hobbies? hair, makeup, photography :)

5. celebrity crush? harry styles!

6. favourite female actor? Jennifer Carpenter

7. where do you live? USA

8. favourite shopping site? forever 21, H&M, Topshop and shop jeen:)

9. which style do you prefer? i like a bit of grungy, rock n roll, and carefree. my style inspiration comes from the 90;s. I don’tt like to follow trends. If everyone else is wearing it, I won’t wear it.

10. do you have piercings? yep! i love piercings. i’m only 14 so i dont have tons. i have 3 holes on both ears, a cartilage, and my belly button:)

<p>11. do you want tattoos. yep! my mom and sister have matching tattoos, so i;m going to get the same one to all match. its an irish symbol for family on the back of my neck. i want “buster on my foot because he recently passed away and he was my first pet dog and it was really tough. I want a super tiny clover on my ankle. i want a heart like Lou’s in the same spot, but not filled in. i want jesy nelson’s roses on my forearm and I want “this too shall pass” somewhere as well.

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Lux at Carla’s indie wedding 

Lux at Carla’s indie wedding